What to Expect During an Imaging Exam

To help you understand how some of our imaging procedures are done, the following videos are designed to educate you about the process and how to prepare.

3D Screening and Mammogram

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Abdomen and Pelvis Low Dose CT Scan

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Datasource: Abdomen and pelvis CT Scan      

Brain CT Scan

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Datasource: Brain CT      

Breast MRI

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Datasource: Breast MRI      

Breast Ultrasound

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Datasource: Breast Ultrasound      

MRI Exam

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Datasource: MRI exam      


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Datasource: Diagnostic ultrasound      

24/7 Access to Your Health Data

At Memorial Healthcare, we utilize the MyChart portal for our current patients. You can access this secure, online portal from wherever you have an internet connection. Through MyChart, you can:

  • Access your imaging results within 72 hours
  • Fill out certain pre-appointment questionnaires
  • View and pay your bill