Urological Cancer

At Memorial Cancer Institute, you can receive care from doctors who have dedicated their lives to treating urologic cancer. Their years of experience enable them to provide safe and effective care for cancers of the bladder, kidneys, prostate, and male genitals.

Urologic Oncology at Memorial Cancer Institute: Why Choose Us

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A urologic cancer diagnosis can be difficult to cope with. But when you come to us for care, we help you heal both physically and emotionally.

In our program, you receive care from board-certified and fellowship trained urologic oncologists who have completed the highest level of training in treating these cancers. At the same time, you have access to services that support your comfort and emotional well-being. You benefit from:

  • Exceptional doctors: Our team includes a world-leading urologic cancer specialist and the only active surgeon in Florida who is a member of the American Association of Genitourinary Surgeons (AAGUS), a group of leading academic urologists from around the world. The American Urological Association also recognized our expert urologic specialist with their prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. Our physicians are highly published meaning they instruct and inform doctors throughout the US and world how to treat urologic oncology conditions. With his leadership and our team’s experience, you can feel confident you’re getting the highest quality care.
  • Latest urologic robotic surgeries: Surgery for urological cancers is often complex, and requires a skilled, experienced surgeon. Our urologic oncology surgeons have the extensive training needed to perform robotic-assisted surgeries. Urologic robotic surgery allows the surgeon to maneuver thin tools in tiny incisions, so you have less pain and a faster recovery.
  • Whole-person care: Cancer care should focus on every part of your well-being. We provide care for both the physical and emotional side of cancer. Your cancer treatment plan includes extensive cancer support services, including our Cancer Recovery Program, that care for you as a person, not a diagnosis. We offer acupuncture, massage, psychological support and more.
  • Multispecialty tumor board: Effective cancer care requires the insight and knowledge of many specialists. That’s why Memorial Healthcare fosters collaboration between specialties in our multidisciplinary tumor board. Our tumor board includes urologic oncologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and geneticists who work closely together to provide the best possible care.

Urologic Cancer Services

At Memorial Cancer Institute, we have the specialists and technology to treat all types of urological cancer. Our services and programs include:

Bladder Cancer

When doctors diagnose bladder cancer early, it is highly treatable. Our urologic oncologists have decades of experience treating all types of bladder tumors. Whether you’re in an early stage or have more advanced cancer, we have the expertise to help. Learn more about our bladder cancer care.

Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer is common, but your care should be exceptional. Whether you need the latest urologic robotic surgery or active surveillance, we have your needs covered. Learn more about kidney cancer care.

Penile Cancer

Penile cancer is rare, but our doctors have the experience and knowledge to treat it. Learn about the treatments we offer for penile cancer care, including our minimally invasive treatment options.

Prostate Cancer

Some types of prostate cancer need treatment, but others don’t. Our prostate cancer specialists provide the latest surgical and radiation techniques while avoiding unnecessary procedures. Learn how we provide personalized treatment for prostate cancer care.

Testicular Cancer

Doctors should customize testicular cancer care for your unique needs and diagnosis. At Memorial Healthcare, you receive a treatment plan that fits your life while targeting the disease. From active surveillance to surgery, our doctors have the skill to provide the range of treatments. Learn more about our testicular cancer care.

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Our urologic cancer specialists see patients throughout South Florida. To schedule an appointment, please call 305-682-2580.

Meet Our Team of Urologic Cancer Specialists

Navigating Cancer Care

Patient navigators offer personalized, compassionate guidance from diagnosis and treatment to survivorship.

Your Image Recovery Team

We take care of the whole person, including appearance, self-esteem and emotional well-being.

Integrated medicine
Integrated Cancer Treatment

We care for people, not a diagnosis. Our support services include acupuncture, massage and more.

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