Specialized Physical Therapy

At Memorial Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Center, our highly trained physical and occupational therapists offer specialized physical therapy programs to meet the needs of people whose recreational activities or careers require athleticism at the highest levels.

Our experienced physical and occupational therapists have advanced training and specialized certifications, providing them with a thorough understanding of the physical challenges you face regularly. In one-on-one, 45-minute therapy sessions, you’ll get the personalized attention you need to stay safe on the job, field, court or track.

We develop a customized plan with our integrated sports therapist and rehabilitation team, providing the diagnosis and other guidance for treatment.

Return to Sports Program

Memorial offers a sports-focused physical therapy program designed to help non-injured and injured athletes achieve their highest level of performance with a lower risk of injury.

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Our Return to Sports program includes:

  • Experienced sports physical therapists: Led by a Sports Certified Specialist (SCS), our team includes orthopedics-certified therapists with experience in sports medicine and sports performance. We understand how athletes move and the types of injuries that can occur – so we can help you prevent them.
  • Latest assessment methods: We use evidence-based mobility tests such as the Y Balance test and Functional Movement Screen – the same tests used for professional and college athletes. Using sophisticated software, we compare your results with those of a person of your age and gender who plays your same sport. This tool helps predict your risk of injury, which helps guide planning for your personalized exercise program.
  • Twice-weekly semi-private sessions: You’ll meet with your therapist either one-on-one or with one other athlete for personalized attention. Your therapist provides training to help you improve strength, flexibility, range of motion and other key factors based on your assessment results.
  • Reassessment at four weeks: We evaluate you after four weeks in the program to monitor your progress compared with the baseline established at your initial evaluation. We can adjust your plan to help you reach your training goals.

Physical Therapy for First Responders

Our tactical athlete program provides care and services for first responders and others whose jobs require a high level of athleticism. In this program, you have access to:

  • Sports medicine-trained physical therapists: You’ll work with experienced therapists who have training in injury recovery and prevention, many with orthopedic board certifications. We understand the physical demands that first responders face every day and help you avoid injury.
  • Personalized services: With a program designed specifically for police, firefighters and paramedics, our team helps first responders regain function and return to work after an injury. Through customized training and exercise programs for functional movement, we help prevent future injury and maintain peak performance.

Performing Arts and Dance Medicine

Our sports medicine center offers specialized physical therapy for dancers and performing artists at the professional levels. Find out more about the services we provide in our performing arts and dance medicine program.

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