Sickle Cell Disease

Memorial Regional Hospital is a leader in sickle cell disease treatment for patients age 16 and older. We recognize that each person has a unique experience and believe that each person should have customized disease management. This includes individualized treatment for acute pain crises and complications with the goal of enhancing quality of life and daily functioning.

One of only a few Sickle Cell Day Hospitals in the country, we offer a comprehensive approach to the management of acute and chronic sickle cell syndromes.

About Our Sickle Cell Day Hospital

The Sickle Cell Day Hospital can assist patients in the management of their condition to avoid acute, painful crises and other complications of sickle cell syndromes. Before pain becomes a problem, patients can call the Sickle Cell Day Hospital Monday - Friday (8 am - 5 pm) for medical help. Patients can make an appointment at the Sickle Cell Day Hospital for treatment or make arrangements to go to an emergency department.

The Memorial Sickle Cell Day Hospital at Memorial Regional Hospital is the first program of its kind in the nation to receive “Disease-Specific Certification” from The Joint Commission.

What You Can Expect at Memorial

  • Prompt, aggressive treatment for acute pain
  • Treatment delivery in an average of five hours, with the added benefit of avoiding hospital admission
  • Support and expertise of a highly knowledgeable staff
  • Reduced need for hospitalization and fewer visits to the emergency department
  • Care in a quiet, comfortable setting
  • A transition program for adolescents to progress into adult care
  • Reduced cost of care
  • Support and advocacy groups

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