Claudia Recovers from Brain Injury at Memorial Rehabilitation Institute

Rehab Institute Claudia

“I can hug my family again.”

That means everything to Claudia, who faced an uphill battle after suffering a traumatic brain injury and paralysis following a car accident.

Claudia worked with the team at Memorial Rehabilitation Institute, who combined their expertise with advanced technologies and innovative treatments to help her go beyond the limitations of her injuries.

Memorial therapists worked with her on physical movements, before progressing to practicing daily activities like getting in and out of car, and grocery shopping.

“The first time was hard, but I made progress,” Claudia said. “I can understand, I can talk, I can hear. I’m back.”

Most of all, she remembers. 

“I remember the love and patience I received from Memorial,” Claudia said. “They are the best people, and they care about you. They care about your health. That’s why I’m here.”

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