Medically Complex

Our Medically Complex Rehabilitation Unit at Memorial Rehabilitation Institute is able to handle the increasing complex patients inpatient rehabilitation units are seeing. This unit currently serves as the hub for our inpatient care for:

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Press Release: New Medically Complex Rehabilitation Unit Optimizes Patient Recovery

At times, the Medically Complex Rehabilitation Unit serves patients on intravenous medication. This significantly complicated group of patients can include those who experienced long intensive care unit stays for:

  • respiratory failure which has included the COVID-19 recovering population,
  • cancer patients who experienced complicated stays from their underlying disease and/or treatment regimens including chemotherapy, and
  • experiencing severe shock leading to functional decline.

Why Choose Memorial for Medically Complex Rehabilitation?

The nurses and therapists dedicated to the unit are cross-trained on many medically intensive care techniques (as well as rehabilitation itself), which has lead to a unique blend of skill sets in this group of professionals.

The floor is also designed to care for this complex group of patients, including:

  • Large square footage to accommodate longer lengths of stay and more medical equipment needed in the room
  • 15–bed unit equipped with private rooms
  • 8,000-square-foot-gym with specialized equipment and technologies
  • Lifts built into the ceiling in many rooms
  • Telemetry cardiac monitoring capability in all rooms

By blending the leading edge of medical technology with our dedicated therapy team, we have been able to assist our patients in achieving their functional goals and go beyond.

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