Living Kidney Donation

For patients with kidney failure, receiving a kidney from a living donor has huge advantages and minimal risk. When you become a living kidney donor, you give the gift of life – often a longer, fuller life than a kidney from a deceased donor would make possible.

If you are considering kidney donation, we can help. At Memorial Transplant Institute, we provide the expertise and resources you need to ensure you're supported every step of the way.

Why Consider Living Kidney Donation?

Kidney donation allows someone the unique opportunity to:

  • Improve – and save – a life: There are at least four times as many people waiting for a kidney as there are kidneys available from deceased donors. When you choose to donate a kidney, you make that gap a little smaller. What's more, the average wait time for a kidney from a deceased donor is three years or more, whereas living donor transplants can happen within weeks. Organs from living donors often function better and last longer than deceased donor organs.
  • Change your own life: Many living kidney donors say that the experience of donating a kidney changes their own life in meaningful and positive ways.

Learn more about how to donate a kidney or read our experts’ take on common questions people ask about donating a kidney: FAQs.

Kidney Donation: Why Choose Memorial Transplant Institute?

At Memorial Transplant Institute, our living kidney donor specialists are dedicated to providing all potential donors with expert, personalized care. We offer:

  • Surgical expertise: Our surgical and medical teams have performed hundreds of successful living kidney donor surgeries over the past three decades.
  • Convenience: At Memorial Transplant Institute, you can see multiple specialists in one place, for your convenience. During one visit, you can meet with your living donor advocate, social worker, and doctor as well as get necessary blood tests.
  • Quicker, easier recovery: Our surgeons use a tiny incision and advanced robotic technology for kidney donation surgery. This minimally invasive approach means kidney donors experience less pain after surgery and recover more quickly.
  • Personalized guidance and support: Our dedicated living donor advocate, social worker, and coordinator are here to make the kidney donation process easier for you. They'll tell you everything you need to know about the process and answer every question you have along the way. The living donor team will make sure you know that you have the option to opt out of kidney donation at any time – even on the day of surgery.

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