Memorial ‘Family’ Helps Comedian Survive Brain Tumor

Kyle Grooms

“It’s actually starting to heal. There’s a scar there. And yeah, young Frankenstein. I’m alive! I’m alive!” jokes south Florida comedian Kyle Grooms, who had surgery at Memorial Neuroscience Institute to remove a benign brain tumor.

“I’ve been doing standup comedy for 23 years, and thank God for Memorial because I can do it for much longer now,” he said.

After having a seizure, Kyle was rushed to Memorial with tremors and weakness on his right side. A CAT scan showed a hemorrhage in his brain. Worried that his career and quality of life might be in jeopardy, Kyle trusted his Memorial neurosurgeon Clinton Burkett, MD, who told him surgery was the only option.

Dr. Burkett performed a successful left frontal craniotomy. Kyle made a full recovery, and he remains impressed with his positive care experience at Memorial.

“If you have to have a hospital experience, it should be like with family, and I felt like these people were extended family,” Kyle said.

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