Kidney Transplant

When your kidneys stop working effectively, a kidney transplant can be the key to a longer, fuller life.

Memorial Transplant Institute is the only center in Broward County — and one of only two programs in South Florida — to offer kidney transplants to both children and adults. Our dedicated team offers highly specialized care, providing the expertise and support you need during the transplant process and for the rest of your life.

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Kidney Transplant at Memorial Transplant Institute: Why Choose Us?

Based at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, Florida, our transplant team works together to provide outstanding transplant care that’s tailored to each patient. We offer:

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  • Transplant expertise: We were the first in Broward County to offer heart transplants for adults, and our kidney transplant program relies on that same level of skill and coordination. Our experienced surgical and medical teams have a combined 30 years performing kidney transplant surgeries.
  • Exceptional care, close to home: We offer the people of Broward County and beyond experienced, personalized kidney transplant care — without the hassle of extensive travel. Our adult patients see all their necessary transplant specialists in one convenient location at Memorial Regional Hospital. Children who need a transplant receive coordinated care under one roof at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital.
  • Personal attention: Memorial has a longstanding tradition of providing high-quality care and patient satisfaction. We escort patients and families through every facet of transplant care, from the evaluation process to lifelong follow-up care. Learn more about the kidney transplant process.
  • Care for your entire lifetime: We are the area's only pediatric and adult provider for both heart and kidney transplantation. There are many benefits of staying in one system, including consistency, familiarity, and better coordination of care.
  • Top-notch transplant team: Our care team includes several specialists with diverse backgrounds — all dedicated to providing the care you need. These specialists work together to address all aspects of transplant care, seamlessly. Meet our kidney transplant team, which includes:
    • Physicians
    • Nurses
    • Dietitians
    • Transplant coordinators
    • Social workers
    • Pharmacists

Transplant Services We Offer 

Our entire transplant team is committed to providing the expertise and attention you need during every part of your care. We'll guide you through each phase of your transplant and recovery, providing everything from medical supervision to social support — and so much more. We also offer a robust living kidney donor program that addresses all aspects of kidney donation.  

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