Interpreter Services

Language Services

Memorial Healthcare System serves a vibrant multicultural community in South Florida and works to provide patients with health care services in their own language. Memorial Healthcare System maintains a list of employees who speak foreign languages to support patients and families and/or uses over-the-phone interpreting services to assist with communication needs. Please ask your nurse or health care provider about arranging interpreting services.

American Sign Language Interpreters

Memorial Healthcare System provides American Sign Language interpreters for you and your family at no charge. Memorial also provides adaptive equipment during your hospital stay; such as, special call systems to call for assistance and special phones — TTY phones, voice-carry-over phones or large button phones. If you need special accommodations for your disability or an American Sign Language Interpreter, or a special call system or special phone please inform your nurse or contact the nurse manager of the unit or the nursing supervisor or the hospital.

For more information, please call the Memorial Healthcare System Coordinator for Office of Diversity 954-265-1179.