Cancer Support Services

Your Safety First. Always.

Memorial has always placed patient safety first. To preserve the well-being of our patients, families, staff, and physicians, we have put extra safety precautions in place throughout our healthcare system.

Memorial offers telehealth visits, so patients can see a healthcare provider without physically going to an office.

Nurse with chemotherapy patient

At Memorial Cancer Institute in South Florida, we know that a cancer diagnosis impacts far more than the body. Cancer can completely overturn life for you and your family.

Our Cancer Support Services team provides comprehensive and compassionate care to you, your family and caregivers during and after treatment. We strive to enhance your quality of life and remove barriers to care.

Body, Mind and Spirit: How We Support Cancer Patients and their Families

Our mission at Memorial Cancer Institute is to heal the body, mind and spirit of those we touch.

Heal the Body

Our health professionals work together to heal your body, with services including:

  • Your patient navigator is your main point of contact throughout your cancer journey. These specially trained healthcare providers guide you and coordinate all aspects of care and connect you with other team members offering a wide array of cancer resources and services.
  • Quick Care Clinic providers treat cancer symptoms and therapy side effects quickly and efficiently over the phone, via telehealth and in our clinic. With help from Quick Care, you might avoid a trip to the emergency department.
  • Nutrition counseling from our experienced registered dietitians helps ease nutrition issues from cancer and its treatment. Our free Healthy Eating classes are popular with patients and families.
  • Palliative care improves life for you and your loved ones by providing relief from cancer symptoms and stresses. This type of specialized medical care is available at any time from diagnosis through survivorship.
  • Integrative medicine uses holistic practices such as acupuncture, massage, mindfulness, nutrition, yoga and exercise to help relieve cancer symptoms and the side effects of treatment.
  • Cancer rehabilitation helps you heal physically and emotionally after cancer treatment to achieve the highest possible function and quality of life.

Heal the Mind

A healthy mind is essential during a cancer journey, and our team is at your side with:

  • Emotional support from our clinical psychologists helps you and your caregivers manage the mental health challenges that can come with a cancer diagnosis.
  • Social services and resources from our oncology social workers assist with the non-medical aspects of cancer, such as employment and financial concerns. Our social workers are counselors who can help with emotional distress.
  • Support groups for you and your caregivers offer encouragement, community and hope during unfamiliar and uncertain times.
  • Next Step classes for you and your caregivers

Heal the Spirit

Drawing on the healing powers from within can help sustain you along your cancer journey. We support you and your family with:

  • Spiritual care from our interfaith chaplains guides you and your loved ones toward healing the spirit and soul during and after an illness.
  • Our Image Recovery Center® helps you regain a positive self-image with personalized consultations for wigs, specialized garments, spa services and care products.

Low-Cost or Free Cancer Resources and Services

Memorial Cancer Institute provides most cancer support services to our patients and their families for free or a nominal fee. Offering services over and above medical treatment is another way we demonstrate our mission to heal your body, mind and spirit.

Contact Us

Call 954-265-4325 (HEAL) to speak to a cancer support specialist at Memorial Cancer Institute in South Florida.