Simon Buttrick, MD

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About Me

I am a neurosurgeon at Memorial Healthcare System, specializing in the treatment of all varieties of brain tumors. Whenever possible, I employ less invasive surgical techniques, such as trans-nasal approaches to treating pituitary tumors, the use of tubular retractors for deep-seated lesions, and laser interstitial thermal therapy for inaccessible tumors. I also perform spine and open vascular neurosurgery, including minimally invasive spine techniques.

When I was younger, I was drawn to science and engineering, but ultimately wanted my life’s work to involve more human connection. Though I knew close to nothing about it at the time, medicine seemed like an obvious choice, and as I got closer to the field I fell in love with it. Around the same time I read "Saturday," a novel by Ian McEwan, in which the protagonist is a neurosurgeon. It gave me a first glimpse into the both technical and human complexity of the field as well as the diversity of pathologies and techniques that were involved. From that point forward, I knew that neurosurgery was my calling. 

In neurosurgery, we can profoundly transform a patient's life for the better, and the process of getting there is filled with beauty and artistry. I am still in awe when dealing with the brain and nervous system up close. 

Every neurosurgical problem exists within the context of a life with relationships, stories, history and a future. I believe we can only adequately address the neurosurgical problem with an understanding of this context. 

I know that the day a patient comes to see a neurosurgeon is usually among the worst days of their lives. I strive to not only offer the technically best, most cutting-edge surgical treatment to help them feel better, but also try to make that day just a little less traumatic and give them hope for their future. 

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  • Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, 2013
  • University Of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital, 2014, Neurosurgery
  • University Of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital, 2020, Neurosurgery
  • University Of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital, 2017, Surgical Neuro Oncology



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  • Best Resident Presentation, Florida Neurosurgical Society Meeting, 2018 
  • Finalist, American College of Surgeons Resident Teacher Award, 2017 
  • Barth Green Highest Board Score Award, 2016


My research has focused on less invasive methods for cranial neurosurgery, as well as health care economics and cost reduction.


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