Bariatric Surgery Helped Jesus Be There for His Family

Jesus, who had bariatric weight-loss surgery.

In his mid-twenties, at 310 pounds, Jesus began experiencing health problems typically encountered later in life.

Diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol were already taking their toll.

“I needed a hard look at myself,” he recalls. “I wanted to be able to play with my kids, to be there with them.”

Jesus reached out to the bariatric surgery team led by Brett Cohen, MD, chief, bariatric surgery at Memorial Health System.

“This was a big step for him,” said Dr. Cohen. “His weight was impeding his life,” said Dr. Cohen.

Along with lifestyle changes, Jesus and Dr. Cohen chose sleeve gastrectomy to help reduce Jesus’ intake of calories.

As a result, Jesus has lost around 80 pounds.

He still enjoys his favorite foods, just in smaller portions.

And he’s not sitting on the sidelines with his family. “Playing different sports, being active with them, I’m happy to build those memories,” said Jesus.

“It feels good to feel good.”

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